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About AMY

AMY was founded in Armenia by an Armenian entrepreneur MARY MARTY.

Born in the mids of the global pandemic in 2020, AMY took on a mission to become a reminder that FINDING BEAUTY IN EVERYDAY THINGS IS A BLESSING.


»Want to be sexy, elegant, and calm? Please be. 


Hi, I’m Mary, the founder of AMY. 


As with many obsessions, my appreciation of jewellery dates back to childhood. While experimenting with different styles, I quickly realized that a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet can make or break a look.


Later, for some time, I abandoned that obsession. I started doing your normal adult things: studying, working, and getting my life together. And while many things have changed throughout the years, my genuine appreciation for jewellery and the role it can play in shaping a person never did. In mids of COVID-19, when the world went mad, I finally had time to give to my true love and that is how AMY came to be. 

AMY is more than a piece of jewellery. It’s a meaningful gift, a reminder that we can be diverse and express ourselves in unique ways. We feel an array of emotions: fall in love, break up, get excited about new opportunities and that is the most real part of being human. The boldness of AMY pieces became a testament to that simple notion – first just for me and now for so many people.  


Want to be sexy, elegant, and calm? Please be. Because you deserve to be truthful to yourself. AMY will always be here to help you highlight your individuality.


Mary Marty 

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