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Discover the stories behind your jewellery.



Naru is the planet of passion, which, in its turn, is the force of life. Full of warmth and love, it is where you can get in touch with your inner self. At Naru, every step is forceful and confident. It asks you to look inside yourself for the answers. Where does your power come from? How can you get in touch with it? That is what Naru is made of — you, your feelings, and your true power.


With pink grass, wind, water, and earth, Vire is a planet of light and magic. By breathing in its air, and running its water through your skin, you can fill your being with optimism. The steps on the planet are lighter than air, the words are kind, and the thoughts are pure. It is a planet of eternal childhood and never-ending laughter.


The planet orbiting right beside Vire, Rosc is like its older parent. If growing up is something that has been on your mind, it will be happy to take you in. The planet is full of grace, truthfulness, and resilience. It is willing to teach you everything it knows, helping you become the best version of yourself. Subtle, yet powerful, Rosc will refine your skills, style, and taste, making them uniquely yours.


Nothing can hold you back at Calen. Forget about fears — run as fast as you can and look danger in the eyes. The planet of wilderness and freedom will teach you how to be funny, witty, and lighthearted. At Calen, you only need yourself to feel happy. When you step on its ground, you receive twice as much as you give. It will teach you how to fill your life with adventure. 


Lun feels like a long-lost home. On the planet, you can feel how your weaknesses become your strengths. Its ground is made from thin layers of air. Weak at first sight, it is incredibly powerful and is willing to share it with anyone brave enough to visit it. Made out of weaknesses, Lun will teach you how to open your heart and fill it with love. Just a glimpse into its core can teach you valuable lessons.


While all the other planets' glim with light and energy, Hráva is wrapped in perpetual darkness. When you land on Hráva you come face to face with fear, jealousy, inferiority. You look inside the darkness, and it takes over you, until… You get used to it, start seeing shapes and figures, tearing apart its fabric with your awareness. You leave Hráva having tamed its mysterious matter, shadowless. Pretty savage, isn't it?

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